Service is more than a description

At MB Cycle Repair, Service is the key basis of our business. That’s why we opted for a mobile model. We come to you, at your convenience and we offer as much or more than you would expect from a standalone bike shop. Our personal service and decades of engineering experience ensures you will be more than satisfied with the work. For a full list of prices, our Price page has all the details. If you want to discuss any bespoke services, or just want to chat about a problem you have, call us on 07895 044 280 or Contact us.



We will come and repair anything. At any time. If we need to order parts, this will usually be obvious from a chat with you and any delays from waiting on parts will in most cases be discussed before you even see us.


Our experienced engineers can take the cycle you’ve abandoned during the winter months and tease it back into a new lease of life. Tuning gears, replacing brake components and sorting out those wobbly wheels that have been putting you off getting back on the bike.


Have a custom bike in mind and want it building, or just purchased something online and had it delivered – new bikes can be a daunting experience when you’re provided with a box and a pile of manuals. All the jargon and talk of torque and torx! Get in touch, and we will build and test new bikes to a standard above and beyond that from a production line in a factory. Our engineers are dedicated to quality and will ensure every nut, bolt and cable is fitted to specification.