Reasonable rates, reliable service

A basic service is £35, A good solid tune-up is £60 and if we are to build a new bike out of the box and ensure it’s set up to a professional standard, it’s £50. For our other offerings, have a look through our comprehensive list of all services and prices that MB Cycle Repair have to offer. Give us a call to discuss anything not listed here.

Full Price List

Custom Build Have a dream bike? We can build it for you.
Call to discuss your requirements.
Boxed Assembly Have a professional assemble a bike that you bought elsewhere.
Includes 6 week service.
1 hr £50
The Works Complete strip down, including linkages, clean and rebuild.
Replace or repair parts as necessary.
4 – 5 hrs £150 – 200
Full Service Minimum Service + Replace cables, true wheels, adjust bearing surfaces 2 hrs £60
Minimum Service Safety check. Wipe down frame, forks and rims. Inflate tyres, adjust brakes and gears, lube chain. 1 hr £35


Call-out Only applied if labour total is less than £15 N/A Up to £5
Safety Check Thorough inspection of cycle with minor tweaks. 15 min £10
Wheel Build We will build up any wheel, includes spoke length calculations. Spokes can be provided at extra cost N/A £35 ea
True Wheel Check tension and bring to true, replacing up to 3 spokes 30 min £15
Hub Service Remove axle and bearings, clean, replace, grease and rebuild. 1 hr £15 front
£20 rear
Change Tyre/Tube Remove the old, check wheel for damage, fit new tyre/tube, inflate to pressure 15 min £5
Adjust/Replace headset Adjust existing headset
Replace with new headset
15 min
30 min
Adjust/Replace Bottom Bracket Replace with new unit, fit chainset and check front shifting. May be subject to additional charge for seized units. 30 min £15
Replace chain Replace chain and check shifting 15 min £5
Replace cassette/Freewheel Replace Cassette or Freewheel, replace chain if necessary, check shifting. 30 min £15
Gear Adjustment Adjust gears, checking for wear. Replace gear cables if necessary. 30 min £15
Brake adjustment Adjust cable brakes, fit new pads if necessary. Replace cables if necessary 30 mins £15
Brake Bleed Bleed hydraulic brakes 30 min
1 hr
£20 ea
£30 both
Random Help Have a question? Need our expertise? We are always happy to help N/A N/A
Hourly Rate We will always call before moving forward, but this is the basic rate which will be applied to cover the unpredictability of machines. 1 hr £50